U.G. Program Details:

Duration: 3 Years

The program - Under Graduate Diploma in Bilateral Business Management is designed on basic level and on development path each year for candidates willing to develop their career working between two countries by choosing a domain which they shall carry on long term basis.

On pre-commencement of the program: A visualization of a professional project to done by the applicant / student in assistance with ETEC. This shall be executed by the student at different phases during the entire program.

Course Modules: Applied to the concerned domain of the applicant / student at different levels starting with level 1 in the first year, level 2 in the second year and level 3 at the third / last year of their studies.

Each year - 12 months:

- 700 hours spread over 6 months of intensive studies, Course modules: 150 hours

-Cross Cultural Management (Module 1 - M1)

-New Technologies and Innovation Management (Module 2 - M2)

-International Marketing and Strategic development (Module 3 - M3)

-Supply - Chain management (Module 4 - M4)

-Project Management and Business Plan (Module 5 - M5)

-International Finance (Module 6 - M6)

-NB: It may possible to change the subject / course title and replaced by another if required.

Live assignments based on the professional, commercial & financial project: 340 hours.

-French Language: 150 hours

Evaluations: 60 hours

2 months of Internship or professional project making as the concerned domain of the applicant / student. >

4 months execution of the professional project Desertion, Final Project Presentation and continuation to the next year of the Under Graduate Diploma in Bilateral Business Management.