The FEDE PEPS programme for student mobility :

Are you a student at a FEDE member institution or do you hope to become one? Would you like to bolster your theoretical knowledge with a hands-on internship abroad?

Graduates of FEDE member institutions are eligible for PEPS mobility programme grants!

Undertaking a PEPS internship means:

  • being an ambassador for your institution and home country/region;
  • boosting your job prospects;
  • jumpstarting your career;
  • improving your language skills.
  • Apply today and begin your internship straight after graduation!

    Are you a FEDE member institution or do you wish to become one? Would you like to make your institution more attractive by boosting the international scope of your programmes?

    By joining the FEDE you gain access to the FEDE’s international mobility grants programme!

    As a programme partner you and your institution can:

  • improve your international reach, make your course catalogue more appealing and attract more students;
  • make international mobility a key ingredient of your teaching strategy;
  • contribute to the trend towards mobility in vocational training for young people.
  • Be ambitious: offer the FEDE’s mobility grants in your institution!

    Please see the member’s area of our website for more information.

    By promoting mobility and cooperation across Europe and the world, the PEPS programme contributes to the Europe 2020 strategy and helps to boost skills and job prospects.

    For further information, please send email to

    Once we approve your profile, we shall transfer your file to the concerned officer of FEDE and shall provide you with the feedback.