Internship is a part of study program and is compulsory for PG students. To qualify for Internship students must pass their first semester exams (hence after six months inclusive of French language). Students can expect a stipend of minimum 550 euros per month by law in France and may not be an obligation in other countries in Europe, UK, USA, Canada or elsewhere. Companies outside France shall apply their prevailing wage laws or own policies.

The duration of Internship is minimum 3 to 6 months as per the French laws. Students can do multiple, hence two internships or a simulation of one internship covering with a professional project equivalent to 6 months, a 6 months self intended professional project or a project of a company outside France to be executed in France subject to the approval ETEC management.

As our PG courses are practical oriented, hence a direct focus on existing and potential projects through a simulation of live case studies, problem solving and project making.

Students will have a direct interaction with companies by the means of International Trade Fairs, conferences, seminars and business events, held in Arras, Paris, Lille and Brussels (Students are expected to an extra budget of 2000 euros over their living costs in France, this will also mentioned in the Expense certificate).

On performance at studies and project work students can also have an opportunity to work with ETEC’s partner organisation’s (EICEBD) on-going projects.

In addition students will be provided with sector-wise companies date base from Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

At every point and stage students shall approach companies with the assistance and guidance of ETEC Team / Experts during the class room study and through mail correspondance.