Financial Instruction

Dear Student,

To assist you all in preparing your financial documents, please read through the following:
Start preparing these documents once your admission is confirmed.

1. You must show as liquid assets to the tune of sum total of the amount =Tuition fees + living expenses

2. In the city of Arras, living expense amount is calculated as 700 Euros per month (In bigger city like Lyon, Bordeaux 800 euros and Paris 1100 per month) multiply by number of months of stay.

3. Tuition fees are generally to be paid in installments (Per academic year) in case of UG programs, hence first year tuition fee followed by the next academic year, in case of PG / Master programs the fee is to be paid in full in case in the entire program is of one academic year. In case the program is for 2 academic year you must pay the full tuition fee of the first academic year. .

4. Amongst the documents of financial proof:

  • Affidavit of support on a stamp paper attested by a first class magistrate / notary public. This sponsorship may be from father/ mother/ both / relative. This statement is worded as follows (for example):

    To whomsoever it may concern
    I Mr. Name of sponsor pledge to bear the financial responsibility to the tune of Rs _________(write in numerals and do not use the word "lacs" the French do not understand it) towards Mr/Miss your name higher education in France.

    Signature of deponent or sponsor

  • You will need on the letter head of the bank, attested by the bank manger and stamped by the bank a statement which goes like:

    To whomsoever it may concern
    Mr. Sponsor's name has assets worth Rs _______ as deposits and investments in this bank. He has been a client with us since date.
    Proof of these assets is enclosed as attested photocopies.

    Signature of the bank Manager
    Stamp of the bank
    In support of this attestation you will need things like:
    1. Provident fund statement, photocopy attested by the bank
    2. Fixed Deposit Receipts, LIC policies, mutual fund investments, Kissan Vikas patras etc (all photocopies attested by the bank)
    3. Current / Savings bank account statement etc.

    If you have an overseas sponsor, then please provide his sponsorship letter, amount that he Pledges for you education, proof of identity, address, the payslip and last three IT returns

    In support of your financial solvability some students show immovable assets such as

    Property Deeds or "Fards". This just makes the financial statement heavy but strictly speaking the amount to be shown is only in transferable liquid money./movable assets.

    Bank Loan certification on the letterhead of the bank or issuing authority.

    To obtain a Bank loan please you may contact either a nationalised bank like SBI, etc., or a private one.

    Scholarship letter if any.

    Please make a covering letter as follows for these proofs:
    Financial document Enclosed

    Scholarship certification

    Bank Loan certification

    Net asset worth in movable assets

    PF statement


    Page number





    5-whatever number.

    Cost of my education inFrance Tuition + living expenses is Rs _______ Total movable assets pledged towards this expenditure are Rs _______

    Sign at the bottom of the page stating that all information provided by you is authentic.

    The total amount thus shown should be in the range of Rs 10 - 17 lacs depending on the living expenses.