Our location in Paris:

ETEC is registered at The Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Paris l'ile de France - Val d"Oise. Located at a beautiful location in the commune of Cergy in the French department of Val-d'Oise, in the northwestern suburbs of Paris. Thanks to the support of CCI provides ETEC state of Art Infrastructure facilities and corporate relations development support through its extensive series of events. Importantly ETEC students can benefit CCI services towards creation of innovative projects.

About Cergy: It is located 27.8 km (17.3 mi) from the centre of Paris, in the "new town" of Cergy-Pontoise, created in the 1960s, of which it is the central and most populated commune. Although neighbouring Pontoise is the official préfecture (capital) of the Val-d'Oise département, the préfecture building and administration, as well as the department council (conseil général), are located inside the commune of Cergy, which is regarded as the de facto capital of Val-d'Oise.