Terms and Conditions

Medical Certificate from MD / MBBS is to be provided.

Acceptance and entrance constitute a contract and an obligation to pay the entire program's tuition fees and other charges, as specified by the "payment policy" of the College,

The College has complete rights on accepting or rejecting the candidate's application for the program.

The guarantor/sponsor should note that France and European countries levy a fine and imprisonment if applicant misuse or gets involve into illegal activities during the applicant's stay and that both the guarantor and the applicant will be responsible for the same.

All expenses like travel, insurance, visa fees, stay and healthcare etc. should be borne by the applicant.

As per the attendance policy of the school: permission will be granted only for administrative work or Sick leave will be granted by providing appointment or medical certificate and should be informed to the school by phone or email.

The application fee is not refundable

I declare and acknowledge the following:

1. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

2. I certify that all the information given in the application is complete and accurate and I understand that if I give any false or misleading information ETEC can take legal action against me in France or in my country of origin or in the partner country where I shall pursue my studies.