French Language

French language is one of the most important and compulsory passing module for any PG or UG level courses of ETEC. For PG students the target to achieve / pass the French Language level at the end of first six months of study is fixed at A2 level (please consult

For UG students to achieve the French Language level at the end of the first year is fixed at A2 level and by the end of the second year at B2 level (please consult

French language is a key source for your career, hence to get a good Internship which is the first step of success (Despite your work profile at the internship may be in English, the French companies insist on the minimum level of French language from you to get mix-up in the company’s work culture and environment)

Having studied in France the corporate world of any country will expect a certain level of French language, hence expecting an extra edge of linguistic skills from you. You will also find in general that at International level people are bilingual - English and French.

French language levels shall help to easily access opportunities in Canada / Quebec, Middle East Asia and Africa.

Moreover learning French language and integrating in french culture will give you feel of Home away from Home, hence you will find lot of cultural similarities, develop relationships with French people and find them very friendly, warm and welcoming.

We strongly recommend you to contact Campus France desk for a pre-departure package which consist of basic French language vocabulary.