Since 2004 ETEC was organizing professional trainings, courses and workshops in partnerships with various institutions and individuals. Through the joint efforts of its team members ETEC has registered in France to deliver professional courses at Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels focusing on the career prospects internationally.

Professional Courses are designed not only to develop future an individual but also his surroundings, culture and economy of his homeland / country with the host country - France 'EU zone' through a platform of identifying projects, sectors and matchmaking which he or she shall access while studying at ETEC in France.

Hence having the core competence in two economies 'countries' shall provide easy access to within the given zones and also to other economic zones providing opportunities in other parts of the world which makes you truly international personality with the dynamics and know-how of business, technology, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic skills.

Applying the similar methods in past ETEC was the joint training partner of Golden Path project funded by European Commission's Asia Invest project in 2006. In 2007 ETEC has worked with EU Council to develop CEOLP (Customized European On-project Learning Program) to provide live exposure to students while studying.