PHD Program Details:

Duration: 3 Years

The program - Executive Bilateral Research Program Equivalent to Doctoral Studies « BAC +8 »

Eligibility: Holders of Post Graduate or Masters degree.

Introduction: The program intends to develop bilateral economic relations in a given sector falling in the competency of the enrolled student. The end resultis to generate benefit for the student / researcher, the prospective company / campanies and the micro-economic impact of the countries involved.

The three years bilateral research program is an extensive and in-depth study based real development activities to achieve success of setting up a foreign company in your native country in your own domains of competency.

Thanks to our partners such as The World Trade Centers, Bilateral Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Regional and National Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the students can access and participate on bilateral events, seminars, conferences and individual meetings.

THE PROGRAM: Duration:3 Years, Each Year - 12 months:

Publications: 4 publications per year (One quarterly). The submission of the publications should be at the journals of the organisations such as The Chambers of Commerce and its sectional division or Export Councils and others where your article or report can reachable to the target audience and have the maximum visibility and your exposure.

Year 1 :

-Geopolitics of your native country and its impact on the given sector for a foreign company’s perspective.

-Socio-Economics factors of the country which impacts the sector and measures to be taken by a foreign company

-Research on the key players existing in the marketfrom national and international level.

End of 1st year:

-Evaluations and personal / professional development

Year 2:

Understanding the geopolitics of a foreign country which may favors or disfavor foreign trade and investments - your host country’s perspective.

The socio-economics factors « cultural, lingual and financial » of a foreign company which may impacts in decision making to expand their business in your country.

Foreigncompany’s diagnos is hence analyzing capacities and competencies to set-upoperations at your native country.

End of 2nd Year:

Evaluations and personal / professional development

Year 3:

Sectorial Market Analysis and presentations

Data Making and Shortlisting

Communication and business approach

Market entry strategy

Setting-up operation « commercial, legal and administrative »

End of 3rd Year:

Evaluations and personal / professional development

At the termination: The student should project the Job Market and Dissertation Defense in front the jury.