The EU platform

The Logic: In general, every individual holds an upper hand to represent this motherland (country), opportunities and ways to tackle the hurdles in the prospective a foreign company willing expand or set-up overseas. He / She remains an ideal person to handle such operations. Considering this logic and prospect, our programs intents to train and accompany students to develop their projects with bilateral aspect, taking into consideration their homeland and background.

The Concept: Cultural barriers exist to develop business between two nations and more with they belongs to different Continents, hence further leading creation of a gap on understanding the social and cultural values, financial situations, governmental policies and prevailing laws resulting potential business and economic growth between two nations, however, bridging the gap between two economies gets easier through bilateral programs applied to the do the domains mentioned in above mentioned chart, which intends to strengthen its students to cover all the above mentioned major aspects through practical teachings, real business situations and professional experience.

Programs Objectives: The program leads to develop business relations between your country of origin and France where gain and share - culture, business practices, language, economy, contacts and strategy making on mutual markets. France being the platform for your International path as by the end of the program you shall be competent in with the bi-lateral business development in two countries, achieving this specialization you have multiple choices, hence either to continue the bi-lateral aspects or to open up new opportunities to any company / organization by showing your specialization on two countries.

Silent Features: Live projects for learning Participants gain in-depth knowledge of current issues Experienced professionals from industry guide participants in their projects Participants learn how to undertake and be responsible for activities Participants learn to work individually as well as in groups Participants improve their skills from time management to project management.

Programs Principal Outcomes: Identification of sectors and companies to develop bi-lateral trade: Students will learn to identify current and up-coming sectors in business, hence know of your country’s economic presence in France and vice-versa in order to understand the existing sectors which are operating between France and your country. Students in the group will be assigned on live projects of companies on which they will develop market prospects .

Project making-planning-execution: Students will earn to undertake live projects where they will handle planning till execution. Such projects can be a case of a company to establish in European market through setting up in France. Students will earn to strategy develop the market for a French company in the market of your country and vice-versa. Students will earn French and EU markets and its regulations, such as import duties, cost of setting up an office, French and EU norms as per sectors, Taxation, Export benefits, Certifications, etc. Students will earn to create a platform on a common understanding and interests for two companies to enter into a joint venture.

French Language: Learning French language will help students to integrate in the society, culture and business environment. This is the most important element of success of the program not only during your program but also for internships and future paths. After the program you shall be credible to achieve a considerable level of French language. For more information please consult French Language link